Need help completing your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS)?
Get all the help you need to ensure your financial aid application is complete.


On-Demand Webinars

View a webinar for information about the financial aid process and guidance on completing the Parents’ Financial Statement.

Step-by-Step Guide

Walk through the application process.

PFS Online Workbook

A guide to completing your PFS from start to finish.

How to Apply for Financial Aid Flyer

Print this flyer for helpful tips on completing the PFS and submitting additional documents.


Tips For International Applicants

Instructions geared toward those living overseas. 

Submitting Required Documents

Tips to help you successfully submit the tax documents many schools require. 

Making Changes

Learn how to edit your PFS after it's been submitted, or apply to another school.

Fee Waiver Distributors

SSS distributes fee waivers to access organizations that share our goal of broadening access to independent education for young people.


Understanding Your Family Report

Learn how we arrive at your estimate of family contribution. 

Quick Reference Chart for Tax Documents

Use this table to identify which questions on the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) can be answered
using information from your IRS tax forms, such as your W2, 1040, and certain schedules.

Required Documents Cover Sheet

Families mailing in additional required tax documents should use this cover sheet.

IRS Form 4506

Complete one of these forms if your schools want you to request a copy or a transcript of the actual 1040 filed by the taxpayer.