We look forward to seeing you in Denver! This resource page provides materials and resources related to the Institute.

Pre-Event Assignment

Applying for financial aid begins with each family completing a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) to submit to your school via School and Student Services by NAIS (SSS).  We have created an assignment that ensures you know what data is collected from parents and where that data ends up in School Portal for use in the SSS methodology. The INFAP pre-assignment will prepare you for on-site exercises that simulate the actions and choices you will need to make to become a savvy financial aid professional. Your INFAP assignment is to complete a PFS, as would be required of any parent applying for financial aid at your school.  However, before you, or any other parent, can submit a PFS the intended school must first have configured basic setup options in School Portal.

Pre-Assignment Checklist

There are two components to this assignment. Please read the assignment instructions completely before you begin working on any part.   A full overview of the assignment will be very helpful to navigating the steps you need to finish.

The assignment components are:

Step 1: Setting up your username and password - A special School Portal training account has been set up especially for this event. It is important that you Do Not Use Your Regular School Portal Account for this assignment. The deadline for completing this first step is EOD Friday, July 1, 2016. Please send an email to Melvin Rhoden to confirm that you have successfully accessed School Portal.

Click here for information on setting up your username and password

Step 2: Completing the Parents’ Financial Statement and submit supporting documents. AFTER you confirm successful login to School Portal, SSS will email details for submitting a sample PFS and required supporting documents. The deadline for the second component is EOD Thursday, July 21, 2016.

Please complete both assignments prior to arriving in Denver.


July 12, 2016: Overview of Key Features
PowerPoint Presentation
Webinar Recording

July 13, 2016: What’s Important to Know When Managing Tax Documents?
Sample Tax Forms:  1040, Schedule C, W2
PowerPoint Presentation
Webinar Recording 

July 14, 2016: Where Do I start?
PowerPoint Presentation
Webinar Recording

In-Person Materials and Resources

Sample Resources from Other Schools

NOTE: These samples are being provided as a courtesy, with permission from representatives of the schools to which they belong, to help you craft your own correspondence or other documentation. Providing these samples does not imply that either NAIS or SSS staff specifically endorse or recommend the policies that the samples may reflect.

Landon School (MD)

Woodberry Forest School (VA)

St. Stephen's Episcopal School (TX)

Brentwood Academy (TN)

St. Andrew's School (Delaware)

Phillips Exeter Academy (New Hampshire)