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Submit any additional documents required by the school.

Completing the PFS is just one step in the overall process.  Most schools require additional documents, such as your most recent income tax return. Ask each school what they require, where to send, and the deadline. Sometimes a school's required documents deadline is different from the PFS deadline. 

IF you have been instructed by the school(s) to which you are applying to send documents to SSS, you can choose to upload them electronically within the PFS Online. Read more about uploading documents electronically or by mail.

Schools will communicate their financial aid decisions to you

Schools will contact you directly about final financial aid decisions. SSS does not decide the amount of financial aid you receive; each school makes that decision independently. Schools use the SSS "Estimated Family Contribution" as a starting point for making their financial aid decisions. However, each school will have additional considerations such as its total overall financial aid budget, as well as policies specific to each school. Read more about understanding SSS's calculation and how schools use it as a starting point for making their financial aid decisions.